Learning Programs

Health and Recreation

Our curriculum approach to healthy play builds positive experiences for our children. We create a caring culture on the playground- a place where all students are part of the game. Through team-building activities, our children learn to be prosocial, resilient and compassionate. Our Healthy Kids curriculum helps students develop healthy lifestyle behaviors and good nutrition.

The Arts

Our program encourages artistic expression among children through music, dance, drawing, and storytelling. Our art program integrates the study of famous musicians and artists and offers opportunities for children to examine a variety of art forms and music genres.


Our leadership program strengthens character and empowers students to be in charge of their learning. Throughout the year, we integrate leadership habits, share ideas for applying leadership principles, and host career speakers to share leadership experiences. Positive character development includes book studies emphasizing character traits, connecting to students’ experiences and studying people who exemplify positive values.


We utilize an interactive, learner-centered approach to meaningful learning, involving students in setting and consistently monitoring their own progress. Research-based strategies and 21st century skills are implemented throughout the curriculum and include the integration of technology, digital citizenship, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Character Values

Our Character Values program is designed to help children develop emotional literacy and habits of empathy. To nurture children’s character, we offer meaningful experiences to practice perspective taking, self-regulation, kindness, collaboration, altruism, and moral courage.